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Catherine Hunziker, Chairwoman and Founder of WishGarden, explains why we make our formulas using liquid extracts (tinctures), rather than pills or capsules.
Posted on: January 22nd, 2018
Hi Robin, can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got involved with natural products? I suppose I got involved as a child without knowing it.  I grew up in a very large family that didn’t have money in rural Minnesota.  My parents were raised on a farm that sustained them, so they knew how to[...] more..
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Pines and other evergreen trees have long been symbols of eternal life. During the cold winter months, when all other plant life is still, pine shines green. As such, it has long held a sacred place in cultures around the world. In North America, among the Rio Grande Pueblos, pine trees were taken from the f[...]
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