Elecampane Will the Spirit Sustain

By |December 2nd, 2019|

There’s an old Latin phrase “Enula campana reddit praecordia sana” which means “Elecampane will the spirits sustain,” which is understood to refer to the plant’s gently warming and restorative tonic properties. Botanist Sir John Hill wrote that “hardly any plant has more virtues.” For many cold, stuck conditions creating excess of waste or moisture, […]

Super Berry Syrup

By |November 27th, 2019|

Outside my kitchen window are fat, crimson hips, glossy and round as Christmas baubles. They look bright and cheery against the drab, November sky and remind me that it’s time to make my yearly batch of Super Berry Syrup, a blend of antioxidant-rich, immune-boosting autumn berries that keeps my system thriving throughout the cold, […]

An Interview With Kelsey Gray, Big Green Garden Educator

By |November 18th, 2019|

Hi Kelsey, can you tell us a little about yourself and your role at Big Green?
My role at Big Green is the Garden Educator for the Metro Denver schools. In this role I work closely with each school to help them achieve the vision that they have for their specific Learning Garden, ranging from […]

Easy Vegan Shepherd’s Pie

By |November 11th, 2019|

It’s that time of year again.
We are experiencing cooler weather and days that never seem long enough for all that needs to be accomplished within them. Getting everyone to school and work on time seems like challenge enough, but then, add the onslaught of after-school activities and sports practices and it’s a wonder that […]


By |November 5th, 2019|

Crampbark is native to eastern North America and Europe. The deciduous shrub has lobed leaves, white flowers and red oval berries. It prefers to grow in woodlands and thickets on moist and moderately alkaline soil. Bark from the branches can be gathered in spring and summer when the plant is flowering.
Other common names for […]

Blue Vervain

By |October 29th, 2019|

There are many Verbena spp. that have been used throughout the world for centuries. Many of these species have been used interchangeably. In Europe, Verbena officinalis was most commonly used. Many herbalists believe that Verbena hastata, or blue vervain, can be used in a similar way
The Verbena species as a whole has a colorful […]