Celebrating Earth Day 2020

By |April 18th, 2020|

Earth Day has been celebrated every April 22nd since 1970 when it began as a grassroots movement that ultimately inspired the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency, the Clean Air Act of 1970, the Endangered Species Act, and increased protections under the Clean Water Act. 
In 1990 while I was living in Maryland, I attended […]

Seven Ways To Increase Happiness In Your Life

By |April 14th, 2020|

Can cultivating happiness actually make you healthier?
According to well-established research on the connection between the mind and body, the answer is a resounding Yes! Research in the field of psychoneuroimmunology indicates that our mood and life outlook has a significant impact on our physical health. Reduced happiness not only results from poor health, but […]

Herbalists Without Borders: An Interview With Ann Drucker

By |April 8th, 2020|

Hi Ann, we are honored that you have taken the time for this interview. You have a thriving practice in Boulder, Healing Arts. What kinds of services do you offer the community? 
Thank you.  I teach herbal and shamanic classes in the Boulder area.  I also offer private and community healing sessions.  These include […]

Herbs for Body, Mind and Spirit in Challenging Times

By |April 1st, 2020|

In light of our new shared reality, it felt appropriate to shift the Herb of the Month blog to feature many useful herbs, rather than just one. Many suppliers are low on herbs so it can be helpful to have a list of herbs on hand to use as alternatives. We can all use […]

Managing Sinus Issues

By |March 26th, 2020|

Sinus issues run rampant across the U.S. at this time of year.  Your sinuses may be dripping or congested, you feel sick, and it may be because of allergies or food intolerances or both. What is the purpose of sinuses, anyway?
The sinuses have a number of purposes.  To start, there are four sets of […]

Getting Your Green In: Two Green Smoothie Recipes

By |March 16th, 2020|

There’s a point, usually in March, when the monochrome winter landscape officially loses its appeal. This often coincides with the first patches of warmer weather that happen around this time, when the snow begins to recede a little, teasing us with glimpses of exposed ground or a whiff of damp soil thawing in the […]