Two DIY Skincare Treatments For The Winter

By |December 27th, 2019|

This is the perfect time of year to get those blankets out of the closet, make friends with a crockpot, and support some inward reflections. Embrace the coziness. Here in Colorado the shift in seasons can also mean more dry skin. Even if you live in a more lush area, cold and flu season […]

Soothing Herbs for Sunburns

By |September 18th, 2019|

In my last post, I explored ways to soothe bites and stings using simple herbal remedies and household items you probably already have on hand. Unfortunately for us, however, bites and stings are only half the battle when it comes to keeping our skin happy – as anyone who has  fallen asleep in a […]

Easy DIY Masques to Rejuvenate Your Complexion

By |March 11th, 2019|

Our skin has much to contend with this time of year. The long months of winter have exposed our poor, sun-deprived complexions to buffeting winds, extreme cold, and air so dry it hurts. Despite all the references to rosy cheeks and eyes all aglow, a beautician winter is not.
There are myriad products lining […]

Brush Your Way To Health

By |May 22nd, 2017|

According to Ayurveda, Kapha dosha rules the springtime and many of the qualities of Kapha can be seen in the outside environment. These qualities include slow, heavy, dense, thick, cloudy, and cold. I often imagine Kapha like a muddy road, thick, cool, and super sticky.
Why is this important? According to Ayurveda we are a […]

Healthy, Vibrant Skin — Naturally!

By |March 9th, 2017|

If you’re obsessed with oils and balms—and frankly, if you’re not, you need to get on that—your skin may still be showing the telltale signs of a missing element in your daily beauty regimen. Face it, even with all those gorgeous oil-based products, your skin could be dry, flaky, congested, lackluster, or needing that […]

How To Make A DIY Sunblocker Cream

By |June 21st, 2016|

Summer is here, the kids are out of school, and vacations are being planned. It’s that time of the year when we all think of being outside, enjoying the sun, going on adventures, and relaxing with friends and family.

Now, as nice as that sounds, it can quickly turn into a not-so-fun situation if sunburns […]