Ralph Klee is at the helm of our herbal formula production here at WishGarden Herbs. Aside from making our formulas, he maintains a healthy balance forecasting how much to make and ensuring our product gets into stores on time.

Ralph has been working here since March of 2006. He studied Science and English at the University of Michigan, and then moved to California where he worked with an herbalist at a health food cooperative in Mendocino. Ralph met WishGarden founder and owner, Catherine Hunzicker, through their Zimbabwean music connection, when he was playing for a marimba band called “Jaka” in New Mexico. He moved to Boulder and worked for Whole Foods and soon thereafter Catherine offered him a position at WishGarden Herbs.

When Ralph started with WishGarden in 2006, he was making most blends in 5 gallon buckets. Over the years, as WishGarden has grown 30-40% per year, this has increased. Ralph now makes our more popular blends, such as KickAss Immune, in 30 gallon tanks that we go through in less than a week, and is anticipating making batches as large as 150 lbs of herbs at a time this coming fall and winter. His personal favorite blends include Kick-Ass Immune, Kick-Ass Biotic, and Muscular-Skeletal.

Ralph likes working for WishGarden because of the quality of product (we use organic and/or sustainable wild-crafted herbs in our tinctures as well as organic, gluten-free alcohol and kosher glycerin), and the laid-back environment. Not many companies are makings blends on the scale that WishGarden is and Ralph is a major part of our operation. We appreciate him!

Tessa Munson Wood, Children’s Category Manager, WishGarden Herbs