Longer days, bits of green popping out beneath the snow, and a return of wildlife to their natural habitats— spring has sprung! 

Spring is one of our favorite seasons here at WishGarden, and for good reason. With the season comes the connotation of growth, rebirth, and rejuvenation. It offers the opportunity to blossom into our most complete and most healthy selves. 

So what better way to celebrate this beautiful season than with the invigorating power of herbs? Here are some of our favorite herbs to assist you on your journey this spring!


Photo Credit: Greg Hume

When dandelions turn to seed in the summer after blooming fruitfully in the early months of spring, legend has it that blowing the plant’s fluffy seeds into the wind will grant the blower a wish. 

However, the dandelion holds more value than just a wives’ tale! The use of dandelion has been celebrated by traditional medicine practitioners worldwide since 659 BCE when Chinese practitioners used the plant for the spleen, stomach, liver, kidney, and bladder meridians. 

Nowadays, both the leaves and the roots of the dandelion are used by herbalists to support the healthy function of the liver, gallbladder, digestive system, spleen, and kidneys. 

Nettle leaf

Photo Credit: © nada54/Shutterstock.com

Even though we love spring flowers, we don’t love the allergies that come with them. That’s why we reach for an allergy-supporting blend containing Nettle Leaf every time the snow begins to melt. 

One of Nettle Leaf’s most impressive and functional qualities (among its many benefits) is its ability to inhibit inflammation and block histamines that generally contribute to seasonal allergies. 


Photo Credit: Kaldari

If you live in a place where chickweed grows, you’re likely already familiar with it. It is one of the first plants to grow in the spring, and many people often write it off as an unruly weed that needs to be removed. 

But, chickweed is actually packed with nutrients (like calcium, magnesium, vitamins A and C) and is a great addition to your springtime health routine. 

Traditionally, chickweed is used to remove waste within your digestive system, liver, and kidneys. It’s a great option to support natural cleansing and cellular health. 

Yellow Dock

Photo Credit: Olivier Pichard

Yellow dock acts like spring cleaning, but for your body!

Because it is so cleansing, it is often used for acne and other skin concerns, constipation, and slow digestion. 

A potent herb, yellow dock is a great choice to shake off winter sluggishness and give your organs a springtime boost. 


Photo Credit: MedicalNewsToday.com

Watercress is a peppery-tasting leafy green that reaches its peak flavor fullness and growth during the springtime. 

Although not technically an herb, watercress holds many health benefits that are perfect for rejuvenating the body during the spring season. Full of nutrients like Vitamins A, C, and K, as well as antioxidants, watercress is a great choice for keeping your body in tip-top shape naturally.

Watercress is also great at helping support the liver’s ability to detox the less-than-healthy things that may have entered your body. We love watercress and think it’s an incredibly healthy addition to any springtime regimen! 


So there you have it, our favorite herbs and plants for springtime. We are wishing you lots of growth and rejuvenation this season. Happy spring!