The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to start (or finish!) that list of gifts to give. Instead of opting for the same old items, consider these natural gifts for the friends and family on your list.

Whomever you’re giving to, there’s something great on this list for everyone.

Give The Gift Of Herbal Love
More than ever before, wellness is something that we can’t take for granted. If you want to support the healthy living goals of your loved ones, WishGarden Herbs has several mini 3-packs available that are perfect stocking stuffers or easy to mail to your far-away friends. Consider the Winter Wellness kit or the Stress-Less Heroes.

Support Healthy New-Year Habits
Regardless of current fitness level, there are many at-home fitness accessories that can elevate any new year exercise habits. Handweights, resistance bands, and a cushy yoga mat are all wonderful gifts that can be that little extra oomph toward healthy new habits.

Make Mama’s Life Cleaner
If you’re giving to a mom, then I love these Earthly starter kits or subscriptions as a perfect eco-friendly gift. The wipes are not wet yet, making them perfect for anyone with sensitive skin, and the wash concentrate is natural and lasts forever. The wipes aren’t just for kiddos, either: I’ve used them for taking off make-up and cleaning crayons off the wall. They’re perfect for any cleaning needs. Bonus: you can wash and reuse a few times!

Give The Gift Of Clean
While no one can actually package a clean house and put it under the tree, Making Space, Clutter Free is the perfect gift for anyone who wishes their house were more organized and functional. Without judgment, the author offers fresh insight on how to make your living space work for you. What better time to make that happen than a year we’ve all spent more time at home than usual!

Skin And Hair Care With A Mission
Alaffia hair and skin products have long been my favorites because they work for all the different hair types in our house, and the products smell great without artificial scents. They’re also easy on our sensitive skin. Plus, every purchase goes toward alleviating poverty and empowering communities, which only adds incredible value to the already luscious products.

Wrap Up Your Love
If you know a new mama, giving a Solly baby wrap is one of the sweetest ways to encourage that new-mom love — and also to give her more hands-free cuddle moments. I loved my Solly wraps with each of my babies because they’re soft and easy to use, but also, they add cozy snuggles to these chilly winter months.

Give The Joy Of Reading
I love Literati book subscriptions for my kids, but they’ve also recently launched book subscriptions for adults, too. Who doesn’t love the joy and surprise of opening a box of books and not knowing what’s in it? My kids think it’s Christmas every month of the year when their box comes and we’ve discovered so many great reads we wouldn’t have found any other way.

Writer Aimee McNew has a Master’s in Holistic Nutrition Therapy (MNT) and is also a Certified Practitioner of Nutrition Therapy (CNTP). Read her posts on nutrition and wellness at

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