Sindy, can you tell us a little about your background and how you became interested in the natural products industry?
My first experience in natural products came from working in a small co-op in Pueblo, Colorado, when I was in high school. I always felt that the community that shopped in the store, and the people that worked in the store, shared the same values I had. Food should be clean, beauty care products should be simple and pure and that nature really does provide most everything you need need to be healthy and happy. Customers would bring in their scobys to share with other customers. There were several women that worked there that were “Herbalists” and as I learned more about what that was, I knew with certainty that I needed to follow that path. I had to become an Herbalist myself.

You’re the Vice President of Business Development at WishGarden Herbs. What are your duties?
To sum it up, I do whatever it takes to help WishGarden succeed as a business! I oversee all Marketing functions for WishGarden. Currently we are refining our Brand Standards, working on updating labels for the Women’s and Children’s lines, and developing a robust social media strategy. From a business development perspective, we are looking to update our website to create a better customer shopping experience. I’m also super excited to work with our formulator Goddess, Catherine, on new product development, which will bring WishGarden onto a national stage, and portray them as the innovators they always have been. The new website will allow us to set the stage for these exciting new products!

What does your typical day look like at WishGarden?
I would say none of my days are typical, which is really cool! Currently I work remote three days a week and in the office for two days. For the three days I’m at home, I try to get face time with my colleagues on Zoom. In the office, we try and knock out as much as we can, since that “in-person time” is so valuable. Currently there is lot of creative work being done, so I’m pretty wiped every day, but very gratified and grateful! Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I actually get to work with one of the most talented female founders in the industry. Mind-blown emoji!

We are witnessing explosive growth in the natural products sector right now. What do you attribute that to?
I think most natural products shoppers have always believed that self care was paramount to a balanced life. Now more than ever people are home and able to focus on those priorities.

Where do you see WishGarden at in five years?
This question gets me giddy. I only see growth for WishGarden! The magic with WishGarden is that this business has been self sustaining for 40+ years and has a following of people that truly love the products. All of the work that has been done and is being done lays the foundation for WishGarden to be a nationally known and beloved brand.

You have extensive experience in the industry. What advice would you give to people who want to work in the natural products industry?
Be authentic. Submerge yourself in the natural products world. It won’t be work if you do. Build relationships. Nearly my entire tribe originated from all of the wonderful humans I’ve met over my career. Be willing to do whatever it takes, to make the company you work for, succeed.

Focus on that success. Don’t get caught up in BS. Life is too awesome for nonsense, no distractions! And lastly, have a blast doing all of it!

Do you have a favorite herb?
Over my life I’ve had many love affairs with various plants for various reasons. Osha is my early years. I used to make Osha talismans for prosperity. Later in life I learned of my Ute heritage, which made that relationship even more special. St. John’s Wort. I used to wildcraft the flower with the permission of Boulder County Open Space because it was defined as an invasive species. That ruby red oil was gorgeous! Nettles. Gosh, I love getting stung by nettles and it makes the best tea! Passionflower…I love everything about this plant. Cannabis. That plant has really been in my life the longest, and really became a big part of my professional work over the last four years. I was able to bring hemp onto a national platform through brick & mortar stores. Right now, I’m having a love affair with the aromatics of plants. I think the aromatic properties of plants has uncharted potential, so I study: ).

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