Hi Ann, we are honored that you have taken the time for this interview. You have a thriving practice in Boulder, Healing Arts. What kinds of services do you offer the community? 
Thank you.  I teach herbal and shamanic classes in the Boulder area.  I also offer private and community healing sessions.  These include shamanic body work, Maya womb massage and Maya healing traditions, herbal steams, different healing remedies, plant brushings, soul retrieval ceremonies and more.

Last year, we wrote a piece about how you traveled to Tijuana, Mexico, to offer herbal healing clinics at three different migrant camps. You traveled there again a few weeks ago. Can you tell us a bit about that trip? 
Yes, we worked at two migrant shelters, one for families with children and the other is a sanctuary for the LGBTQ community.  We also donated WishGarden tinctures to a group of local midwives who run a free clinic for mothers and children.  We provided two limpia stations, a free herbal remedy clinic, and made maracas and dream pillows with migrant children.  The children were so engaged and joyful!  It was a treat to work with them.

Your focus last year was on giving, as well as teaching people how to do, limpias. Was that also the focus for the trip you took this year? 
Our focus was giving people limpias, providing free herbal medicines, doing activities with children, providing monetary donations to the shelters, and shopping for food and warm clothing.  We felt we were able to offer comfort, renew people’s faith, and bring hope to their difficult life situation.  We felt honored to provide this physical, spiritual and emotional support.

Has the situation improved from last year? 
Yes, one of the shelters now has an indoor kitchen and a roof that doesn’t leak.  People remembered us and welcomed us back with open arms.  WishGarden Herbs is now known for healing in Tijuana!

 Mexico has a long history of appreciation for herbalism and healing practices. Did you find that there was a ready acceptance for what you were offering? 
Absolutely, and there were people who enjoyed talking with us about the herbs that grew in their home countries.  Some of these herbs were even in the WishGarden formulas.  We heard many village stories of herbal medicine.  It was a natural point of connection.

Last year you took WishGarden’s Mo’ Betta Belly, Sleepy Nights, Serious Relaxer, and Emotional Ally with you – and Sleepy Nights was a real hit with the children. Was that the case this year? 
Yes, all of these herbs were needed, especially the herbs for emotional support, stress and sleeping.  This year many people were also in physical pain.  There was deep grief lodged in the lungs, and with the Wish Garden Deep Lung herbs and a limpia, people experienced enormous relief overnight.

Can you tell us more about Herbalists Without Borders and how you came to partner with the local chapter for this trip?
Yes, Sara Martinelli from Three Leaf Farm is the local HWB chairperson.  She has an annual herbal event called Botanica and she hosted a fund raiser for our trip.  HWB along with our local community members helped make some of the herbal medicines we offered at our free clinic in Tijuana.  They were a great support

How can people contact and join the local Herbalists Without Borders chapter?
You can join HWB on their website https://www.hwbglobal.org/

You can also email Sara at sara@threeleafconcepts.com

Below is a video on Herbalists Without Borders. Enjoy!

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