Monica Edlauer, MSOM, LAc is a local Boulder, Colorado acupuncturist and mother of three.  With a BA in Early Childhood Education and Contemplative Psychology from Naropa University, she has a good understanding of children and the ways in which we operate as humans. Her minor in Eastern Traditional Arts (also from Naropa University) eventually led to a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine degree from Southwest Acupuncture College, where she is currently on staff.

Monica sees all types of clients, but specializes in prenatal, postpartum and pediatric acupuncture, with a passion for kids from conception onward. For children under eight years of age, she uses a special technique called “Shonishin,” a painless form of acupuncture without needles. In addition, she practices Chinese pediatric massage called “tui na” and, of course, herbal medicine.


 Monica uses Western herbs in conjunction with Chinese herbs for her clients, and states that they compliment each other really well. While Western medicine addresses symptoms and specific issues, Chinese medicine focuses on the personal patient, working with a holistic pattern depending on what systems in the body need strengthening.  Using both Eastern and Western herbs gives her the opportunity to work with the overall body systems and symptoms. When a patient of hers needs to target specific symptoms, she points them to WishGarden’s line of products, knowing they support the body’s natural ability to fight off illness.


When asked what was unique about WishGarden’s formulas, her first response was, “They taste good!” This is important, especially for children. She said her children ask for WishGarden products, and feel empowered when they can have their own dropper to administer the tinctures to themselves. She also values the quality of WishGarden  products, stating she can taste the individual herbs in them. It’s important to her that we use the highest quality ingredients we can and that the formulas are well thought out. She most commonly uses our KickAss Immune, KickIt Immune (for kids), Cold Seasons (for adults, kids and pregnancy), our Earache combo pack, KickAss Sinus and our single herb tinctures. Knowing that a midwife started WishGarden with formulas specifically designed for expectant mothers and children, she felt very safe taking them throughout her own pregnancy.

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Tessa Munson Wood, Children’s Category Manager