A typical dosage pattern for “toning,” or dealing with a chronic problem, would 1-2 dropperfuls, or 20-40 drops, at the rate of 1-3 times a day. Toning means to improve health or create change over time. For example, if the iron count is low, called anemia, one can use Herbal Iron to bring it back up over time, usually a couple of weeks. If the count is significantly low, 3 times a day would be indicated. If moderately low, 2 would be good. If the count is only slightly low or for maintenance, 1 times a day would be plenty. It would be best to take Herbal Iron right before meals, but most herbs are better taken on an empty stomach so they can go right to work. Good times are: upon rising, late morning before lunch or mid-afternoon, and just before bed.