It’s the time of year when there are gift guides everywhere. But what most moms need is not more stuff,” but rather gifts that help them do the one thing they almost always struggle with: self-care.

While compiling this guide, I surveyed a significant number of moms and asked myself what gifts could most benefit me after just having my third baby. This list is a collection of ideas that could inspire any gift-giver whos shopping for a mom, whether she has just had her first or is a seasoned pro.

1. Cleaning Services
This was the number one request from every mom I talked to: a cleaner house. Whether you gift your own time to deep clean the bathroom or you hire a professional service to deep clean areas or do a weekly tidy, the gift of a cleaner house is one that will make most moms happy any day of the year.

2. Aromatherapy
Do you know a mom who is stressed? Tired? Overwhelmed? Aromatherapy is a great way to give a pick-me-up that lasts. A nice diffuser with some favorite essential oil blends can be just the spa-day aroma any mom needs without ever leaving the house. Try lavender or jasmine for go-to blends that are light, refreshing, and relaxing.

3. Self-Care Supplements
Who wouldnt want a bottle of Liquid Bliss? Or a dose of Serious Relaxer? Moms who want to stick to natural medicine will benefit from a self-care kit that is stocked with natural herbal supplements from WishGarden Herbs.

4. Massage
Second to headaches, back pain was the most common complaint of moms I talked to. A full-body or back massage would be a great sustainable gift for the mom in your life.

5. Face Masks
Fatigue, stress, and lack of time for self-care can all add up to looking (and feeling) older than we want. An at-home face mask kit can be the perfect way to get that spa day feel without having to figure out the logistics of actually getting there. Better yet, give mom several hours of kid-free time to enjoy quiet time at home while she enjoys a face mask.

6. Coffee Subscription
Is the mom you know a coffee lover? Give her the gift of coffee, delivered regularly. Coffee subscriptions come in all varieties and provide a great way for a coffee connoisseur to enjoy new blends from the comfort of home. Add a great French press, Chemex, or another coffee brewer along with it, too!

7. Mani/Pedi
I love when my nails look nice, but with three kids ages four and under, I dont have the time or flexibility to get regular manicures or pedicures. Gift your mom a mani/pedi day and arrange childcare so she doesnt have to!

8. Thrive Market Membership
Thrive Market is a great way to get pantry staples, home items, and a variety of other goods delivered to your home for way less. A Thrive membership has saved time, headache, and money, and in the age of grocery pick-up and delivery, this is a great option.

9. Book: Memory-Making Mom by Jessica Smartt
If the mom youre buying for is sentimental or a fan of tradition, this book is sweet and fun and a great way to inspire her in the thing she does best: love the kids. If shes a book lover, a gift card for books is also a win/win.

10. Homemade Meals
Do you love to cook? Offering to take dinner off of her plate, quite literally, on a semi-regular basis is a wonderful way to provide a gift that keeps on giving, is sustainable, and keeps costs low. Plus, for anyone with a love language of acts of service, this is a double win.

11. Groceries Delivered
If you know a mom who has small kids, works full-time, or otherwise hates grocery shopping, the gift of groceries delivered can not only save time but simplify the weekly routine on a regular basis. This is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Try services like HelloFresh or Blue Apron.

12. Club Membership
Costco, Sams, BJs, and similar stores provide a great convenience for moms, but a stumbling block for some is having to pay for a membership just to get through the door. Offer the gift of membership by getting her signed up. A gift card for her first shopping trip is also a fun way to get the ball rolling.

13. Acupuncture
Every bit as good as massage for relaxation, and a wonderful way to address headaches, stress, sleep issues, and more, acupuncture is the perfect gift for any mom. If shes never tried it before, she may feel a little reluctant, but from someone who was initially nervous, acupuncture is now my favorite relaxation therapy ever.

14. Wardrobe Update
Does the mom you love adore fashion? Gift her a membership to StitchFix or other similar sites that provide wardrobe variety along with convenience.

15. Babysitting
And last but not least, give the mom in your life the thing most of us want/need: time. Whether its alone time, time to work, time to clean, or time to sleep, every mom wanted more of it in one way or another. Whether you babysit the kids yourself or provide a professional service, giving her time to reconnect with her spouse, reenergize her inner introvert, or nourish her sleep-deprived soul is a gift you really cant put a price on.

Writer Aimee McNew has a Master’s in Holistic Nutrition Therapy (MNT) and is also a Certified Practitioner of Nutrition Therapy (CNTP). Read her posts on nutrition and wellness at

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