Hi Amanda, can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got involved with natural products?
Of course! As a kid, I could think of no greater joy than sloshing around ponds, befriending salamanders, and concocting stews of rainwater and wildflowers. I’m still very much that muddy-kneed little girl. My mother is a total green thumb, so I spent a lot of time surrounded by tall, flourishing plants in our backyard. Chewing on fresh mint leaves, or discovering the stray berry the birds hadn’t snagged, were incredible treasures.

As a teenager, I found myself fascinated with the idea of blending teas. (Not all of them were masterpieces, let me tell you.) In my early years of college, I became involved in an organic farming apprenticeship, which taught me many things, including the amount of hard work that goes into fostering a food system. Throughout all these experiences, herbal remedies subtly burrowed their way into my life. I changed my major to Public Health, with a focus in Nutrition. Upon graduating, I spent multiple years working in Environmental Education before deciding to enroll in a Clinical Herbalism program.

For me, “health” and “natural products” have become deeply entwined entities. Within my own wellness journey, as well as in my experience working with others, I’ve found an incredible response when incorporating herbal supports.

What does a “typical day” at WishGarden consist of for you?
It varies quite a bit! My main work consists of connecting stores, reps, and the general public with WishGarden products. This can include facilitating order processes, suggesting the most appropriate formula, discussing herbal actions, etc. Outside of my Customer Service duties, I offer assistance to our Fulfillment and Assemblies departments. Lastly, I lend a hand in hosting educational demos at various events.

Natural products seem to be all the rage these days. Do you think we are witnessing a change in consumer attitudes towards the environment and natural products?
With the widespread availability of the Internet, recent generations have been granted greater access to information. With this resource, concern for the planet and for our collective health has become more outwardly ubiquitous. In hopes of finding solutions, many are drawn to options resembling a “return to nature.” In addition, we live in a time and culture where conventional healthcare services are often too costly to access. The combination has certainly contributed to revitalized interest in natural products.

What is your favorite herb and why?
Oh boy, what a question! While I don’t necessarily have a favorite, I tend towards phases in which I’ll especially resonate with certain plants. I prioritize working with weedy or easily cultivated herbs, and enjoy using the abundant varieties in my area.

Although the Front Range of Colorado is near the end of this year’s season, I have a lot of love for linden. The sweet yellow flowers of this tree boast a myriad of recorded uses, including affinity for the upper respiratory and nervous systems. This is also an herb that’s mild enough for children and elderly folks. I strongly believe in the power of gentle remedies!

Do you have a favorite WishGarden product?
As with many of our products, Mo’ Betta Belly has become a consistent addition to my daypack. The formula is relatively simple: fennel, catnip, peppermint, and ginger. Most of these plants have culinary uses, and the formula’s flavor is quite pleasant! Mo’ Betta Belly is my go-to if I accidentally eat a food allergen, or need relief from all-you-can-eat induced aches.

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