Hi Charis, can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got involved with natural products?
I enjoy an active life as a three-time nationally ranked athlete, third-ranked Brown Belt in Jujitsu, Certified FirstLine Therapy Lifestyle Educator/Health Coach in Western/Functional/Natural medicine, and Certified Durability Strength/Conditioning Coach.

As for natural products, I can honestly say that I’ve always been drawn to the energies of our beautiful earth, starting with a fascination for rocks and trees, then moving into Metaphysical Science with crystals, healing herbs/teas/essential oils, and then deeper into aligning the well-being of our bodies with even more natural products — “medicines of the earth and sea, “ I call them lovingly. I’m now extending my knowledge further into more tonic herbalism and homeopathy.

WishGarden has started an Ambassador Program which you are a part of — and you are the recipient of this month’s Ambassador of the Month Award. How’s the Ambassador work going?
The WishGarden Ambassadorship is such a delightful blessing of synchronicity for my women’s outreach group on Facebook, BUILD A TRIBE, for my own ongoing well-being, and for the opportunities to educate and share the power of these herbal formulas with loved ones — or anyone, really, that I interact with professionally or personally. There seems to be a growing intelligence and curiosity that humans have about the molecular and healing properties of plants. The WishGarden Ambassadorship provides me with a deeper level of support and a more significant platform for exploring this, which I experience myself on a daily basis.

Are you active on the social media channels? Which do you find most effective for spreading “herbal news”?
I am certainly active on social media channels, and find that spreading herbal, healthful news seems most effective and responded to via LinkedIn and Instagram.

Natural products seem to be all the rage these days. Do you think we are witnessing a change in consumer attitudes towards the environment and natural products?
It certainly does appear that we are witnessing a change in consumer attitudes towards the environment and natural products. Though many individuals that I have Health Coached approach these topics from a fear-based, somewhat resistant disposition, my heart grows more fully with joy as I witness more humans finding a deeper care and love for their own livelihood, in conjunction with our amazing environment and the natural products it provides us. We are a significant part of the environment and nature, all made up of the same magical elements!

What is your favorite herb and why?
Over the past few years my favorite herbs are those that support one of our main organs — the liver. Hibiscus is my top choice. That said, my longtime fave is a vining plant — jasmine. Steeping/consuming these buds assists our bodies in endorphin production. I call it my “happy tea.”

Do you have a favorite WishGarden product?
My favorite WishGarden product? You know, Liquid Bliss is MY JAM!

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