Customer Service departments in large, successful companies can bring to mind a bustling office space with numerous representatives and phones ringing constantly. Each representative is constantly rotating phone calls related to products and orders. To many’s surprise, the Customer Service department at  WishGarden Herbs is actually just four people! Although we are a large, nationwide company, four individual team members handle all customer relations.

Our intimate setting enables us to develop strong relationships with our customers. Many of our regulars know us by name and have an ongoing rapport with each member of Customer Service. And overall, we know many of our customers by name. At WishGarden we get the opportunity to really connect with our customer base and form meaningful relationships. And to us, this enables us to provide a really excellent experience. Once you’ve spoken to someone in our department about an issue or concern you may be having it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle the minute we hang up the phone. We take the time to answer questions, get to know each person, and educate and follow up with our consumers about our products.

Answering questions is certainly one of the highlights in our day. We get the opportunity to explain WishGarden formulas and how they affect each individual customer.  And in some cases, we get to dig deep into our knowledge bank and even learn new things! Below are a few questions we get fairly often in our Customer Service department.

What is the difference between Kick- Ass Immune and Kick- Ass Biotic or Get Over It!?
The Kick- Ass Immune formula is designed to be used as a short-term immune support supplement. Many people use it when they are flying or in other situations that place them in close quarters with people who may be sick, such as at a family gathering or their child’s Back to School Night.  It is what we refer to as the “first line of defense.” On the other hand, the Kick-Ass Biotic and Get Over It! formulas speak more to those stubborn conditions that really have a hold on you. They are excellent when the bugs won’t move on out.

Kick-Ass Biotic is our “Big Gun” formula and is a multi-purpose herbal powerhouse that employs a broad approach. We often say that Kick-Ass Biotic is great for when nothing else is working. Get Over It! has a similar function; it’s excellent for helping you “get over” whatever bugs are hanging on.

Get Over It! has a several deep dislodging respiratory herbs. These herbs focus on promoting healthy lymphatic delivery, cleanup, and lung health. Essentially, when you want to focus on the respiratory tract Get Over It! is the ideal formula. And when you are looking for something more broad in its support and dealing with something really hard to kick, Kick-Ass Biotic would be the ideal formula. 

Is the Kick- Ass Immune a formula I can take long term?
Kick- Ass Immune is a short-term immune support formula and is not designed to be taken long term. For long-term immune support our customers can look to Daily Immune with Astragalus and/or Deep Stress.

Daily Immune with Astragalus is a multi-strategy formula with deeply nourishing herbs to support a healthy immune system. It also includes several herbs that help nourish healthy lymphatic function and detoxification pathways. Astragalus has traditionally been used throughout the winter for deep immune support.

Deep Stress is an excellent addition to any wellness regimen, especially where stress loads tend to run high. Deep Stress includes herbs that support a healthy stress response. Promoting a healthy stress response can help support a healthy immune response, encourage restful sleep, and promote a sense of well-being. These two formulas together are ideal for long-term immune support. And just in case a little bug squeezes in anyways, you can discontinue the use of Daily Immune and Deep Stress and pick up Kick-Ass Immune.

Keep in mind that the herbs in the Daily Immune and Deep Stress are not appropriate support for acute conditions due to their deep reaching nature but they work well as tonics.

How do you take the Kick- Ass Sinus?
Many customers wonder if Kick-Ass Sinus can be added to neti pots or applied inside the nose, as many sinus products are topical applications. Kick-Ass Sinus is designed to be taken orally to promote healthy mucosa. This formula is not designed to be used topically (or in the nasal passageways) but will help support healthy sinus tissue when ingested. Kick-Ass Sinus is one of our symptom soother formulas and will help create a rapid return to balance. The herbs inside this formula help balance mucus in the nasal passageways, providing comfort for wet, dry, and in between conditions.

Customer Service loves to hear your questions and looks forward to connecting!

Jade Sullivan started her journey in natural healing as a child. She faced multiple illnesses, which gave her the unique opportunity to gain an understanding of holistic healing through first-hand experience. Jade’s love of plants runs in her blood; her mother comes from a family with a long history of farming. Throughout her life, Jade’s mother passed that knowledge on and helped her cultivate a deep connection with nature. In the spring of 2016 Jade started pursuing her certification in Herbalism. Since finishing school, she has continued to enroll in different programs to grow in holistic wellness. With her Herbalism Certification she gained employment at WishGarden Herbs in the Customer Service department. And in the fall of 2018 she began schooling for her Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition– to obtain her Registered Dietician Nutritionist licensure. With horticulture, aromatherapy, herbalism, and emotional/spiritual healing, she hopes to spread a positive impact on the world around her.

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