Spring is right around the corner. Here are six ways in which you can welcome it.

1. Celebrate the Vernal Equinox. In the Northern Hemisphere, March 20th marks the beginning of spring. Sowing seeds is an equinox activity that multiple cultures participate in during this time. Late winter is perfect for exploring your garden plans, whether that means a window box of wildflowers, or an entire field of veggies. In the age of 23andMe and deep interest in ancestral roots, why not also research the traditions of your culture? Or, if accessible, connect with the elders in your family to see if they practice anything specific to the season?

2. If you aren’t quite the green thumb, consider “sowing your seeds” mentally. Moving forward, what do you want to start growing and caring for? What aspects of your life may you need to renew? How will you start planning now, so that you feel abundance in the coming months?

3. Shifting away from winter hibernation, it’s also a great time to encourage body movement. Utilizing YouTube videos is one of my favorite, free ways to stay accountable to an exercise routine. Find the format that matches your interests and activity level, and shake out that lethargy!

4. Curate an intentional space. If you also live in a location that experiences winter chilliness, it might be advantageous to spruce up your outdoor spaces in preparation for warmer days. For folks without yards and patios, start taking note of the locations you’ll be frequenting soon. Parks, hiking trails, a public bench that catches the afternoon sunlight in just the right way. Where do you want to spend your outdoor time? How will you welcome the coming season with a deeper relationship to the natural world?

5. Detox. Now, honestly, I sort of hate that word. I can’t help but associate “detox” with visions of hoity-toity juice, and an often-harmful mindset that we’re constantly full of yucky things. But stick with me here: there’s plenty we can do to nourish the body and simplify our lives. On a physical level, show some love to your liver! A premier filter for the body, this organ is a dang rockstar. Did you know that the most common “toxins” in the body are actually normal metabolic substances, which become elevated due to poor clearance? A few simple ideas to support clearance include keeping hydrated, supplementing your diet with antioxidant-rich foods (that is, eating the rainbow), and getting that body moving. Cilantro is also a great “detox herb” that can be found fresh in most grocery stores, so perhaps it’s time to load up on that guacamole. (I’m telling you to eat guacamole for your health — and you should! You’re welcome.) All jokes aside, WishGarden’s Detox Cleanse can provide an additional boost as well. As for your life, consider detoxing yourself of mindsets that no longer serve. Think about what you need to let die in order to put energy towards something new. Now is the time to replace destructive narratives with those that empower you to move forward. 

6. Incorporate a new ritual. Spring is commonly associated with themes of fertility and growth. Birthing a new ritual is a beautiful way to honor the energy of this season. A favorite ritual of mine is the morning check-in. How easy it can be to float through an entire 24 hours without once tapping in! This practice provides a gentle and comforting push to start my day, and assists me in feeling way more connected to myself. Before I rise, I like to ask the following questions:

How do I feel mentally and physically?

What is my schedule for the day?

What is one small thing I can do to be more successful today?

My answer to the last question is often to drink a glass of water directly upon getting up. Sometimes it’s taking five deep breaths. Occasionally, it’s adding a bottle of Emotional Ally to my purse before heading out the door. I end this check-in with an affirmation, and then I’m on my way. If this practice doesn’t resonate with you, find one that does! Adding a consistent, simple ritual can be a solid support to our otherwise chaotic lives. And what better time to start than now?

Happy spring, folks! Hang in there — it’s almost here!

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Writer Amanda Proscino is a Certified Clinical Herbalist and self-proclaimed part-time witch. She holds a background in city-based environmental youth work, a degree in Public Health & Gender Studies, and multiple certifications from Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism. Amanda focuses most deeply on accessible therapeutics, harm reduction techniques, and creative intentionality practices. She can often be found talking herbs with customers at WishGarden, and can be reached at amanda.proscino@clinicalherbalism.com.