What does living fearlessly look like? Running out in front of a car or jumping out of an airplane each day? NO! I know that sounds ridiculous but a lot of people are living on adrenaline each and every day and that is not what living fearlessly is about. Living fearlessly means walking your own path in this life. This looks like taking baby steps to get on and stay on the path that you know somewhere deep inside is yours.

Living fearlessly is coming back to your own inner guidance system. In our world we are taught to follow our parents, teachers, bosses, coaches. Many rebel against this notion of following but have not yet found what is actually true and healthy to follow. The only safe guidance to follow is that voice that is clear and quiet and comes from within you. I call this my inner GPS, the voice of God, the angels, the universe, Spirit. The name is irrelevant. The reality is essential that you slow down and listen to the inner gut feeling that whispers “I need to do ABC” even though it doesn’t make sense to the logical mind.

The key is to get really quiet and trust this voice that comes from something so much smarter than your mind and follow its guidance. We all know the mind can override anything. I have had many moments when I received intuitive guidance about a decision; it didn’t make sense to my mind so I made the decision from what I already knew in the mind and in hindsight, kicked myself. I bet you have, too! When you use your intuitive guidance, you come into alignment with yourself and though there is fear to walk past, the mind is here to keep you safe. You realize it is worth every step.

Here’s a practice for you. Find a quiet place and sit still for five minutes. Set a timer. If you are not used to sitting quietly with yourself, this will feel like forever. Gently ask yourself what your life needs, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, to move forward. At the end of the five minutes, write down what you learned. Do not second-guess yourself. You may have outsourced your knowing for many years, but this is where you bring the trust and the knowing back into yourself and rocket your life forward fearlessly.

Have fun listening to your inner guidance system and living fearlessly!

Susanne Menge is a Single Mama, Author, Personal Trainer, Health Coach, Body Worker, Speaker and Entrepreneur guiding every person she contacts back to their own inner knowing, supporting them in dropping the distractions of the mind and listening closely to the body and the quiet voice inside. 

She has a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology, rich journey as a professional athlete and Ironman Triathlete, is a certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer, skilled Body Worker and past Emergency Medical Technician.  Susanne has grown from a go harder, faster mentality early in her career to uncover that it is a combination of work and play, discipline and creative space, focus and freedom that lead us to our greatest capacity physically and mentally.  Training the body for living well doesn’t take a lot of time, but it does take commitment. Go to www.clear-fitness.com for more or reach out at Susanne@clear-fitness.com