For the last few years, I’ve worked as WishGarden’s Customer Service and Fulfillment Manager, a dynamic position that provided  me with countless opportunities to build skills, expand my confidence as an educator, trainer, team-builder, and serve folks around the world.

It was an incredibly formative time to be a part of the WishGarden team. The company is growing at an impressive rate and the hand-crafted herbal products are finding their way to cupboards and nightstands in all the nooks and crannies of the United States where often they rest next to (or have replaced) over-the-counter drugs and prescriptions. There is an herbal revival taking place and it was made more evident in my time working behind the desk at headquarters.

However, after years of working with my own health issues (see future blog posts on vestibular disorders and herbal allies) coupled with  the desire to be reunited with the plant and people communities (see future blog posts on belonging to an ecosystem) of the Pacific Northwest, I have moved on and am getting out in search of greater levels of connection with plants, people, place, and wellness. I intend to share snippets of my travels and discoveries with you all (see future blog posts from the Pacific Crest Trail). Please join me in my travels!

I will also aim to feature a more in-depth look at one WishGarden formula with each post so that all of you fans and newly inspired inquisitors can gain a deeper understanding of the formulations, herbs, and actions found within the vast offerings at WishGarden Herbs. Having been able to pick up the phone and listen to the needs and questions of so many over the last four and half years puts me in a unique position to be able to share some of those collected insights. Stay tuned!

Writer Erin Lanum is a clinically trained herbalist and certified death midwife with years of focus on nutrition, herbs, sustainability, ethical wild-crafting, death and dying,  and human connection to the ecosystems inside and out. Erin holds a B.Sc. in Environmental Studies from the University of Oregon, is a graduate of Columbine’s School of Botanical Studies 4-year apprenticeship program in Eugene OR, and a former student of Paul Berger at North American Institute of Medical Herbalism in Boulder CO. Both Oregon and Washington are where she calls home, but she is grateful for her years in Hawaii and Colorado because making “home” in many places has broadened her sense of place.

She is currently embarking on an exciting journey of deeper personal discovery in hopes to assist others with ever-greater perspectives. She loves backpacking, archery, swimming in cold water, listening to birds, and getting stimulated by philosophical conversations.