I’ve often heard of people’s successes using their favorite WishGarden formulas on their pets. Some examples have included: Kick-Ass Allergy for pets with itchy skin, Digestive Ease for an array of stomach problems, and even Emotional Ally for a very anxious pup.  Even after hearing these stories, I must say that I was surprised when I heard that our formulas were being used on goats!

At Frog Belly Farm, just outside of Boulder, Colorado, their dairy goats have been happily taking our Happy Ducts formula for years. Happy Ducts is used for mastitis, a breast infection that occurs while lactating. “The formula works great and has been very successful in keeping our goats healthy. The goats lap it up as if it were a treat,” says Frog Belly Farm employee Jenny Anderson.

Farm owner and organizer Melanie MacKinnon came up with the idea to use Happy Ducts on her goats. “I started using Happy Ducts when I was nursing and had some problems with mastitis and it worked great. Soon after one of my goats was suffering from the same affliction and I thought to myself why not try the Happy Ducts formula on a goat? I tried it and the goat was back in shape in a couple days. Having an organic farm means we don’t use pharmaceuticals on our animals. Having strong effective herbal formulas around has been extremely helpful in keeping our animals healthy.” Frog Belly Farm also uses Kick-Ass Immune for boosting their animals’ immune systems and Tea Tree oil for their ear infections.

I really enjoyed my visit to the beautiful Frog Belly Farm and thank them for being so hospitable. I have to say that those goats are some of the happiest does I’ve seen around.