Whether you are 5 or 90 years old, your body needs movement, nourishment, and love. Your mind needs purpose and your soul needs space to fly, play, explore, learn and express itself. For children, the expectation is to eat, sleep, play, grow, and repeat. Laughter is the norm. Falling down and getting up again is expected. Trying new things and needing space to learn is all part of the journey.  Life is fun, full of curiosity and joy.

Then there is a time when life gets heavy and “the adult” is the expectation. Life can become all work and no play, the mind gets serious and the pure joy of being on this planet is lost. Everything feels like another “to-do” list that won’t end and the only relief is a vacation that is too far away to feel real. Can you relate? Do any areas of your life feel repetitive and boring? Do you feel like you should move your body and take better care of yourself but where on earth might that fit in your schedule?

The way to cultivate an active lifestyle that truly fits your needs is to make yourself top priority and create space to explore what that means. Only you can find the answer. When you move because you want to feel empowered in a strong body, you remember the clarity of mind that you get being fully embodied and you desire the best health possible in this life’ it brings you back to that childlike play. You move, learn, grow, rest, explore and laugh along the way.

How do you practice cultivating an active lifestyle? Schedule yourself on your calendar.  Start with 15 minutes and expand that time as you are ready.  Gift yourself that space to move and play in whatever way you are inspired. It might be new and terrifying to not know and you might just love it!

Susanne Menge is a Single Mama, Author, Personal Trainer, Health Coach, Body Worker, Speaker and Entrepreneur guiding every person she contacts back to their own inner knowing, supporting them in dropping the distractions of the mind and listening closely to the body and the quiet voice inside. 

She has a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology, rich journey as a professional athlete and Ironman Triathlete, is a certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer, skilled Body Worker and past Emergency Medical Technician.  Susanne has grown from a go harder, faster mentality early in her career to uncover that it is a combination of work and play, discipline and creative space, focus and freedom that lead us to our greatest capacity physically and mentally.  Training the body for living well doesn’t take a lot of time, but it does take commitment. Go to www.clear-fitness.com for more or reach out at Susanne@clear-fitness.com