Hi Stephanie, can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got involved with natural products and with WishGarden?
I was introduced to natural products at a young age, when I realized that plants were edible and berries tasted better outside. WishGarden Herbs was introduced to me by my midwife in 2005 after the birth of my fifth child, when nothing would ease my afterbirth pains but the AfterEase herbal formula by WishGarden. As a midwife now, I include this formula with EVERY home birth kit!

As a midwife, you’re intimately involved in helping women give birth.  Are there any particularly herbs or WishGarden products that you find helpful during the labor, delivery, and postpartum phases?
Absolutely. I have seen the wonderful benefits of WishGarden’s pregnancy line, Herbal Iron. In cold seasons Astragalus and Immune Boost are the go-to products. For postpartum use/breastfeeding Goats Rue is amazing. And of course, there is the essential AfterEase. There are so many more and many only available to practitioners. They have changed the course of a pregnancy or helped a woman prepare for birth in a very natural and gentle way.

You’re also a paralegal . How do you juggle your careers?
Being a paralegal is a great juxtaposition to midwifery and I like to think of being a home birth midwife as an extension of my love for human rights.

We are witnessing dynamic growth for WishGarden — and for the natural products sector. What do you attribute that to?
My contributions to the growth of the company can only be attributed to my love of helping and serving people. WishGarden Herbs’ formulas are so unique and made with such integrity that it’s a blessing to many people when I share information and samples. I believe that the growth comes from word of mouth, everyday use, constantly sharing the benefits of herbs, and being a “community” resource for anyone seeking a natural remedy or more information.

You live in the Austin, Texas area. What’s the herbal scene like there?
Austin is the PLACE to be for all things herbal and I love living in this area!

What do you do for fun?
For fun I run long distances, hike, and READ!

What is your favorite herb and why?
My favorite herb is calendula. It’s the first herb I steeped in almond oil and introduced to my children. I love it for its anti-inflammatory and healing qualities.

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