Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got involved with natural products?
I am a 50-something happily married mother of four. I am also a RN and have been interested in health and nutrition for years.  When I had my babies I was motivated to figure our how to deal with our run-of- the-mill viruses and colds myself and so I committed to learning as much as I could.  Naturally this led me to herbs and vitamins and I have grown in my knowledge over the years.  I have tried different things and dropped some and kept others.  I have also greatly benefited from the research on the Internet and I believe my nursing background has helped me to sort through some of the wrong information out there as well.

I discovered WishGarden Herbs a few years ago and was most impressed by realizing that tinctures absorb so quickly within the body (because vitamins don’t usually do that).  Once I started using the WishGarden products I was very happy to have a new and powerful tool in my arsenal to keep our family healthy.

WishGarden has an Ambassador Program which you are a part of — and you are the recipient of this month’s Ambassador of the Month Award. How’s the Ambassador work going?
The Ambassador work is going well because it is easy to promote products you love. So of course I talk to all my friends about them whenever the topic of health comes up.  And I am kind of known as someone to ask health questions of, so when people do I often share information about WishGarden Herbs.  One of the really fun parts about being an Ambassador is that I get free sample sizes of various tinctures to hand out — so I don’t have to do much convincing.  I just give some samples and the folks get to try out the products themselves and they work so well that the tinctures sell themselves.  I also have a website with a blog and am able to promote the products there and on social media.

You run an online health business, Purposeful Nutrition. What is your mission?
My mission at Purposeful Nutrition ( is to help people get healthier through food.  I believe many health problems can be cured or at least significantly helped by changing your diet and eating whole foods that are close to the way God created them. I have learned much about gut health through some health challenges with my oldest daughter and share that information at the blog.  In the past two years I have focused on prevention and management of type 2 diabetes as I have worked to bring changes in my own life and that of my husband.  I started with intermittent fasting and found it to be so successful that I now run five  sessions a year of my 30-day free intermittent fasting challenge and am helping people lose weight and lower their blood sugar and insulin levels.  I also will do one-on-one coaching with those who want to work closely with me.  It is exciting and encouraging to see changes come in people’s lives as they get the tools to change.

Which channels (including social)  do you find most effective for “spreading the news”?
I am most active on Facebook at my page Purposeful Nutrition  ( and with a free group I run called Intermittent Fasting for Women (   I find that platform works best for me.  I do have accounts at Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest but am not on any of those nearly as much.

We are witnessing a real growth in the natural products sector. What do you attribute that to?
I have been watching this growth as well.  I think people are finally seeing that pharmaceuticals are not the be all and end all.  They work sometimes but often they leave us sicker and with more problems.  I think people are ready to take their health back into their own hands and make real changes. It is exciting to see, even though I am concerned about many health problems, like the epidemic of heart disease and diabetes in this country.  It is one reason I am focusing much of my efforts on preventing and treating diabetes because there is so much that can be done.

What is the natural products environment like in rural Pennsylvania?
Well in some ways,  it is harder to convince people here to consider things others than the doctor. People here still put a lot of trust in their doctors and tend to be afraid to take their health in to their own hands.   On the other hand people here are often very connected to family and will be more open to home remedies that their grandmother used.

What is your favorite herb and why?
My favorite herb is probably ginger.  It is such a powerful anti-inflammatory agent.  We use it for colds and flu and also for digestive issues.  And it is great to add to stir fries and dishes like that as well.

What is your favorite WishGarden Herb product?
I have two favorites.  One is Kick-Ass Immune because it has pulled us through many colds and kept us from getting really sick.  I have had times when we jump on it with the KA Immune and Vitamin C and within a day my family member is well again.  My other favorite is Wise Changes because it pulled me through menopause and some challenging symptoms of that time period, including hormonally related anxiety.  So I am very very grateful for that resource in that time.

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