Here at WishGarden HQ, we are always looking for new and clever ways to demo our products – something to set our demos apart from the crowd (just like our formulas). And recently we stumbled onto something amazing…

It all started with our WishCart, which is a branded mobile minibar complete with four stools and an umbrella. Catherine Hunziker, the owner of WishGarden, had the idea of serving mocktails from our new WishCart at special events. We did one event trying out our mocktail idea that consisted of mixing our formulas with the usual mocktail ingredients like flavored sparkling water and fruit juices. It was fun and people liked it (or maybe it was just the WishCart they liked?). We knew it needed some work, though. But what?

Then one day, Catherine learned that Jamba Dunn, the owner of Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha, had been mixing our Deep Stress formula with one of his kombucha flavors. He invited us to create more of these pairings at their upcoming open house event. Catherine and I were thrilled at the opportunity.

We quickly discovered that many of our lifestyle formulas, like Genius Juice, Liquid Bliss, Deep Stress, and Mo’Betta Belly are a match made in heaven with their kombuchas. It was an immediate success. Over the course of this summer, we shared our discovery at many special events and the feedback has been consistently positive. Here’s what we discovered.

#1 They taste great!

#2 The effects of our formulas are somehow even more fast-acting when taken with kombucha.

#3 They are simple to make.

#4 They are a great alternative to alcoholic drinks.

While our mocktails are not completely alcohol free, they do offer a really tasty alternative to beer, wine, and hard liquors. Our most popular pairing has been Liquid Bliss and Savory Peach kombucha. This pairing as a party favorite makes sense, as Liquid Bliss, with its heart-warming and connection-inspiring actions, is perfect for social gatherings. Genius Juice is also a big hit paired with Smoky Badger, offering up a subtle boost of clarity and energy.

As we expand our mocktail pairing events across the country, we have discovered other national brands, like Wild Tonic and Brew Dr., that work very well with our formulas. Here is a basic recipe and some simple flavor pairing guidelines to get your creative juices flowing.

Basic Mocktail Recipe


  • Fill an 8 oz glass with ice
  • Pour in kombucha
  • Add 6 squirts of a WishGarden Formula
  • Stir and garnish!

You can also serve these mocktails “martini style” chilled over ice and strained into a chilled martini glass for an extra sophisticated touch.

Simple Pairing Guidelines

Our Liquid Bliss formula tastes great with kombuchas that have berry fruits, floral, or citrus flavors like Rowdy Mermaid’s Flower Grow or Raspberry Goji Rose by Wild Tonic. Garnish with an orange zest and peppermint sprig.

Genius Juice pairs well with kombuchas that are flavored with cinnamon or stone fruits. Savory Peach by Rowdy Mermaid or Spice Apple by Brew Dr. are good choices. Garnish with a cinnamon stick.

Choose a ginger or herbal flavored kombucha to pair with Mo’ Betta Belly. We love Rowdy Mermaid’s Living Ginger or Herbal Uplift by Brew Dr. Garnish with a ginger slice or peppermint sprig.

Blueberry Basil by Wild Tonic or Clear Mind by Brew Dr. pairs nicely with Deep Stress. Garnish with  fresh blueberries or a sprig of thyme.

If you like a beverage that is not too fruity and less sweet, try our Badass Bitters formula with Rowdy Mermaid’s Flower Grow or Brew Dr.’s Citrus Hops. Our Bitters with the Citrus Hops is one of my favorite combinations! Garnish with a lemon slice or sprig of rosemary.

Finally, for cold and flu season, try our Kick-Ass Immune with Brew Dr.’s Spiced Apple or Ginger Turmeric kombucha, or Chai Pear by Wild Tonic. Garnish with a slice of turmeric or a cinnamon stick.

These are just a few ideas to get your imagination flowing. Really, the sky is the limit with the wonderfully creative kombucha flavors out there. Have fun, get clever, impress your friends, and have a bountiful, meaningful and safe Holiday Season. From our WishGarden family to yours – Cheers!!!

Writer Malia Thompson CCH, CN, received her training in the Vitalist tradition of Western herbalism at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism in Boulder, Colorado, with over 1400 classroom hours, as well as continuing education in herbalism, physiology, nutrition, and flower essences. She’s a member of the American Herbalist Guild and the American Botanical Council.

Her creative outlets include making art, sneaky healthy cooking (kick-a** drumsticks to name one), plant identification and admiration, medicine making, hikes in the mountains, taking photos of flowers, bugs and anything interesting, as well as making compelling connections with people’s health complaints.  Find out more about Malia at