An upset tummy can be quite a discouraging event. It is one of the main reasons people miss work or school. There is so much happening in the middle of the body where digestion occurs that it is difficult to know what exactly is wrong. We just know, it’s uncomfortable. It could be indigestion, bloating, gas, heartburn, cramping, diarrhea, even motion sickness or nausea and we feel it in our gut.

Luckily thousands of years of holistic medical traditions around the world have focused on digestive health. It is considered a pivotal key to unlocking vitality throughout the body. There is an array of trusted herbal allies available to support a healthy digestive processes. Many of them are well-known spices, used (abundantly) with abundance in cooking.

Zingiber officinalis, the latin name for Ginger, is one such herb known to many in the kitchen. If you have not encountered it in the kitchen, you may have imbibed it in the form of ginger ale, or tasted it in that hot, hot, chewy candy that sticks to your teeth! Regardless, most people are familiar with ginger and with its characteristic warm and spicy quality. That warming effect benefits the organs of digestion tremendously. Ginger stimulates the creation of high quality saliva, increasing the amylase concentration, which breaks down starchy carbohydrates and fatty foods. Proper bile flow is another digestive process known to be supported by ginger, making it easier to handle the digestion of fat. As an aromatic carminative, it has the potential to relieve occasional bloating and painful gas–a distressing situation which ginger can rescue you from in a hurry!

The WishGarden formula Digestive Ease contains Fennel, Catnip, Peppermint and Ginger. All four plants create a symphony of aromatic oils that support health in the digestive system and help sooth temporary digestive upsets. It is ideal for those with tender tummies to take along on trips or for quick support after accidental exposure to a food sensitivity. Do keep in mind that Digestive Ease is intended to soothe symptoms and it is essential to consult a practitioner to explore underlying causes if you find yourself reaching for the formula on a regular basis.

Recommended dosing strategy is 2-3 droppers full taken orally, in warm water, or tea – repeat as needed. Enjoy! This formulation is one of the most delicious herbal remedies available.

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 Written by Christina Bertelli, Certified Clinical Herbalist