Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful occasion for expressing love to someone. But it can also be one of the loneliest times of year too. That’s why being your own Valentine is the most enjoyable, enriching, and empowering act you can do for yourself.

If you think about it – why not?  Why not take an opportunity every day to celebrate you and give yourself love.

One lovely way to show yourself some attention is through self-care—and more specifically, through this gentle two-step body treatment. It not only helps your skin breathe and eliminate toxins when done properly, it also hydrates your skin.

Step One in Loving Self-Care

Start by giving your body a dry skin brushing* using a v2

The benefits are numerous:

  • Encourages discharge of metabolic waste
  • Stimulates lymph drainage
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Opens clogged pores
  • Reduces cellulite

Here are some quick pointers on how to dry brush your skin effectively:

  • Make sure your skin is dry.  Right before a shower is a great time.
  • Don’t brush over raw, irritated skin or over cuts and scabs.
  • Start brushing at your extremities, beginning at your feet and moving upward, then from your hands working inward towards your torso.
  • Always brush towards your heart to improve blood circulation.
  • Do not move brush in circular, scrubbing, or back and forth motions except over your stomach where you can rotate clockwise with the brush.
  • Showering after skin brushing helps remove exfoliated skin.

Step Two in Self-Care Ritual

Follow the dry skin brushing with a luxurious oil to hydrate the skin and replace any lost moisture.

Beautiful skin care does not have to cost a fortune. In fact, the best kept secrets are the least expensive and are probably found in your kitchen.


Here’s one that is a perfect example. This recipe came from an energy healer who said that his wife, who is over 60, uses it.  Whenever she gets massages, the therapist always commented on how youthful, smooth, and soft her skin looks and feels. She uses this after showering, all over her face AND body. That’s how gentle and effective it is. And it so easy to make.

Ready for this?  Drumroll please…

Just two ingredients:

  • 1/3 Rose Water
  • 2/3 Organic, cold pressed olive oil

Below is the rose water that he highly recommended.  It is inexpensive (less than $2) and smells wonderful.  Roses carry the highest vibration energetically, so it is no wonder that the scent is used so frequently and offers profound benefits to the skin and spirit.


Olive oil is high in oleic acid that has a high lipid count making it a great moisturizer. The acid penetrates past the outer skin layer, which leads to longer-lasting and more intense moisture retention.  Olive oil also contains the nutrient vitamin E known for its skin healing properties.


All told, the combination of rose water and olive oil feels fantastic on the skin.

By combining the oil with rose water, the oil feels lighter and less dense and greasy, while penetrating more easily.

So massage your way into a loving and nurturing Valentine’s Day this year.

Because you are worth it.


Sarita Coren is a freelance writer and blogger at Peace on the Skin & Peace Within, She is committed to spreading the world about green beauty, holistic wellness, and living from the heart. She can be contacted at