A Delicious Mocktail For Immunity

By |August 7th, 2020|

It’s safe to say that 2020 has brought us the most unique summer in modern history. While we’ve had to reimagine many of our favorite summertime activities, one thing hasn’t changed – fruity, refreshing beverages are still the perfect treat on a hot day! Whether you’re sitting solo by a pool or eating outdoors […]


By |August 5th, 2020|

In the Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) system, astragalus is revered as a tonic for supporting longevity.  By benefitting healthy cell proliferation and DNA repair, it keeps the body fine-tuned and operating more efficiently.  Often these tonics were used daily and considered as important as food intake.
Astragalus is also used in TCM to support the […]

Wildcrafting: The Art & The Science

By |July 30th, 2020|

At WishGarden all of our herbs are either organic or wildcrafted. Today, most people are familiar with organic and how this is different from conventionally grown. But what is wildcrafting and why is it important?

Wildcrafting: An Age-Old Tradition
Wildcrafting is a traditional term for harvesting plants in the wild. But as the name implies, there […]

Herbal Popsicles: Three Recipes

By |July 21st, 2020|

There’s nothing quite like an ice-cold popsicle on a scorching day.
Everything about the experience — from plunging your arm deep into the freezer to pull one out, the slow bliss of whittling away at the cooling sweetness, or the satisfying crunch and sticky fingers at the end — is refreshing and reinvigorating. I’m […]

Strategies For Sleeping Successfully

By |July 13th, 2020|

Sleep is the one thing we all need to keep our bodies functioning optimally.  However, many of us either don’t get enough sleep or have trouble with falling asleep and staying asleep.  And while some people state that they do just fine on less sleep, many don’t realize how optimal they can and should […]

Tulsi: The Queen of Herbs

By |July 6th, 2020|

This month WishGarden has chosen tulsi (holy basil) as the Herb of the Month. We’ve planned a month full of fun and engaging content in partnership with Organic India. Organic India is truly an expert when it comes to tulsi and they are the perfect partner to highlight this incredible herb.