The Harriet Tubman Foot Clinic

By |August 14th, 2018|

I learned about the Harriet Tubman Foot Clinic and Herb Bus in Atlanta while I was listening to a podcast.  I was intrigued and wanted to learn more so I visited to find how to get involved.  After filling out a lengthy application and doing a phone interview with founder Lorna Mauney-Brodek, I […]

Five Natural Remedies for Sunburn

By |August 3rd, 2018|

Ahh, summertime — cookouts, swimming, long days spent outside, and as is often the case, sunburn. As much as we try to avoid it, most of us are familiar with the red, painful skin of a sunburn. Use the natural remedies listed below for quick relief!
A limited amount of time in the sun supports […]

Women’s Hormone Balance: Herbal Support for Perimenopause

By |July 24th, 2018|

I’ve come to find that my relationship with herbs is ever-changing. I have those that I love on a consistent basis, but I gravitate towards a different handful at a time. I believe it’s important to pay attention to the directions we’re endogenously pulled in. Perhaps, for example, I’ve fallen in love with motherwort, […]

Herbal Remedies for Insect Bites & Stings

By |July 9th, 2018|

Summer is here in all its glory and for many of us that means more time spent outside. As any gardener or outdoor enthusiast knows, it’s likely just a matter of time until you have an unpleasant encounter with an insect that bites or stings. The effect can range from slight annoyance to infections and […]

Cultivating an Active Lifestyle

By |June 29th, 2018|

Whether you are 5 or 90 years old, your body needs movement, nourishment, and love. Your mind needs purpose and your soul needs space to fly, play, explore, learn and express itself. For children, the expectation is to eat, sleep, play, grow, and repeat. Laughter is the norm. Falling down and getting up again […]

Women’s Hormone Balance: Perimenopause

By |June 18th, 2018|

When my mother went through “the change,” her house felt like an ice box. Like many other women in perimenopause, hot flashes were one of her common complaints. To make matters worse, she was working the graveyard shift at a time when her body needed every additional ounce of support. Lack of sleep, inadequate […]